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  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We try to be flexible and allow cancellation and rescheduling up to 24 hours before the appointment (your pet might not be well, the weather is not conducive for a photo shoot). Should you cancel within 24 hours prior to the appointment, we charge a 50$ cancellation fee.
  • Why are sessions with pets longer and more expensive than humans?
    Pets have their unique quirks and personalities and it takes time to observe them and get them in the right moment to get the picture. Rushing animals to display the expected behavior or pose as wished rarely works under pressure. They also need time to feel comfortable with an unknown person with a big, scary apparratus around them. Of course humans have unique characters, especially the little ones, but even then, communication with them is typically more straightforward and leads to faster results.
  • Can I pose with my pet?
    Of course. Prior to the photo shoot, we will discuss the brief and your expectations via Skype. If you want pictures of the pet alone and pictures of your pet with you, we may discuss extending the time so that we can get enough pictures of both scenarios and don't have to rush your pet through the session. With pets, the best plans might not work, so I encourage pet parents to keep an open mind and adapt during the session if necessary.
  • What should we wear (for individual/couple/family photoshoots)?
    My recommendation is to wear light colours, avoiding black, white and strong patterns. Make sure your outfit is comfortable and you can move around, so we can take a variety of shots. If you are taking pictures with your kids or pets, you might be moving around a lot, kneeling or sitting down or even running or jumping :) Keep this in mind when choosing your clothes. If you are unsure, feel free to Whatsapp me your planned outfits.
  • How should I prepare my pet for the photoshoot?
    Ideally, most preparation takes place a couple of days before the shoot. If you have a dog or cat that requires grooming/claw trimming, make sure that is done a few days ahead so they are not stressed right before. I personally love pets that look natural, so if normally your dog doesn't get groomed, you can skip this! Then, on the day, you can just give them a quick brush, wipe away any goo around their eyes/nose. Feed your pet a couple of hours before so they are not super hungry, but not right before as they might become sleepy or unresponsive to treats. Ideally, have a few treats and their favourite toys ready or with you. As for yourself, try to be relaxed, too. Pets are not always predictable in this situation, so keep an open mind when they are not willing to pose for the exact shot you had in mind and let them be themselves. This way we can capture their unique character and your relationship.
  • What locations do you recommend?
    For indoor shoots, we can discuss your available rooms as well as furniture that you'd like incorporated. Ideally, the room has lots of light from windows, but we can try different setups where your pet feels most comfortable and can shine. To chose and outdoor location, think of what has meaning to you and where you and your pet feel comfortable. It should be a location you have been to with your pet before (and where animals are allowed). For best shots, the location should not be too crowded with people so the focus can be fully on you and your furry friend. The time of the day can also be a factor. The midtime sun can be very harsh and hot, so if your pet overheats easily and early morning or afternoon shooting might be more advisable.
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